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Silver Line

The very Best cultured


We now added to our product line the best cultured Ruby
which is a flux grown Ruby with the technical data as:
Tech Chart of our Ruby

Now the offers are as:

rough stones:
A quality is 16.00 US$ per carat.
B quality is 3.20 US$ per carat
fob Bangkok.

cut stones:
A quality = 59.00 US$ per carat.
B quality = 28.00 US$ per carat
fob Bangkok.

Guess we should add here a most frequently asked question:
Q.: Why should I use your 'created Ruby' instead of 'synthetic flame fusion Ruby'?
A.: If you see no difference between a Majorica pearl and a natural pearl, then I guess
     you should use flame fusion for your needs! (Answer provided by: Tom Chatham)