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Emeralds Solitaire
A few cut Emeralds
Emerald rough stones

Amethyst & Quartz
Color Quartz cut
rough Color Quartz
Amethyst cut
Amethyst rough

The German Block
Sections of reconstructed blocks
cut reconstructed stones
Color Chart of reconstructed stones

Cut stones Amber
Amber Rosary
Amber rough and cut
Full visible pine cone in Amber
Full visible butterfly in Amber

Cut stones real Turquoise
Rough stones Turquoise

Pictures of us

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Each single file contains ALL about that topic whatever you might want to know. It includes the price list, the description about these stones, and many more valuable informations. The date of the last update of each file is shown besides the topic in format (year-month-day). Besides is the size of the pdf file or archieve in KB.
Make sure, that you specify a path where you download the file to your computer to and make sure to remember it.

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